Worship is held informally usually via Zoom with a pre-arranged theme so worshippers can contribute meaningful prayers, songs, and Bible verses related to the theme. Please contact the for more information about upcoming informal church services.

Spiritual Growth:

Logopraxis: "To apply the Word to life"

How it works:

The spiritual texts that form the basis for Logopraxis are those that make up the doctrines for the New Christian Church. These are regarded as living and vital, and because they are drawn from the Sacred Scriptures they are, in effect, the Divine with us in the form of truths or spiritual teachings. One of the implications of this is that the text itself becomes the transforming agent as readers engage with it with a view to applying its teaching to the life of their mind. It is the means by which the Divine creates the possibility for people to be brought into a relationship with itself through truths that teach what love truly is.

Logopraxis is best practised with others in a small group where it forms the basis for a new way of being a spiritual community. It begins with a set reading. The focus text of the Word is broken down into a set number of readings, with each reading forming a session. Participants work through each reading over a four week cycle journaling their insights and reflections by moving through the following steps.

Step 1 Impressions: The cycle begins with reading the set reading for the period right through, preferably in a single sitting. Participants read with attention being sensitive to, and noting what 'reaches out' to them from the text. They return to these sections of the text in Step 2. When the reading is completed initial impressions are noted down in a journal. Participants then sit with their impressions for a day or so contemplating them before moving onto Step 2.

Step 2 Selection: Here the portions of the text that were marked in Step 1 are returned to. These are read meditatively and a specific portion that has significance is selected from which a spiritual principal can be drawn to serve as the basis for spiritual work over the rest of the cycle.

Step 3 Task: Once a principal to guide the focus of work has been selected then the third step involves creating a task that can be used on a daily basis to test and illustrate the operation of the principle in a person's life.

Step 4 Applications: Participants journal a summary of current life events, noting situations or relationships that are particularly challenging. Thought is given to how the portion of the text selected might be applied to the view/approach/response in the life events identified.

Step 5 Implementation: For the remaining period participants try to be aware of their task throughout each day. Time is given each day to journal findings, insights and reflections.

Step 6 Submission: At the end of the session cycle a short summary for the session's work is made highlighting what has been learned over the period of the session. This forms a basis for a person's submission to the rest of their group.

There are Logopraxis groups that meet via Zoom on a regular basis.