Swedenborg Centre for Spiritual Development

The Swedenborg Centre for Spiritual Development is run by volunteers and promotes the religious writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, which are the basis of the New Christian religion. It also promotes associated literature on Swedenborg and the New Christian religion, and operates a bookstore and library, open on Sundays after worship.

The Swedenborg Centre produces a quarterly newsletter, A New Spirituality, which covers various spiritual topics.

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About Emanuel Swedenborg

Emanuel Swedenborg was a Swedish philosopher, scientist and theologian who lived from 1688 to 1772. The son of a Lutheran Bishop, he designed a number of useful inventions and published scientific works on a range of subjects including cosmology, mathematics and the structure and function of the brain. He worked as a Royal Assessor of Mines and was a member of the Upper House of the Swedish Parliament. He published approximately thirty volumes of theological writings based on an in-depth study of the Bible, his own personal spiritual experiences, and revelation from God.